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How do Lovechild portrait sessions work?

Lovechild sessions take place in a studio environment to give the images our trademark look and feel. Sessions are just for kids and are designed to be quick and easyWe love to have fun during the sessions and the atmosphere tends to be pretty relaxed. 

How long does each session last? *Changed since previous sessions

Lovechild sessions will be about 20 minutes long and will start right at your appointment time (no more waiting!). We will still be photographing three families per hour, but now have designated time slots to prevent any waiting period.  To respect all the families that are coming that day, we will start and end right on time. Unfortunately, if you are late for any reason, your session time will be compromised as there is no way to make up that time. 

What is the ideal age for a Lovechild Session?

Lovechild sessions are for kids ages approximately 6 mo. up to 10 years. Since our aesthetic is very clean and modern, we don't really use props. For this reason, please only book for your infant if they can sit up on their own.

I'm ready! How do I book my session?

Please click on the session page for your city.  The cities are clearly marked in the title and description. From there, please select your date and time. 

Once that is added to the cart, you can check out just like any other online store. If you can't add a time to the cart, it likely says "the product combination is not in stock" -- which means we are sold out of that time slot.  

Once you successfully check out, you will be emailed a confirmation.  On your confirmation, there is a link to session info. If we have the details of the location already, the information will be at that link. Otherwise, we will email all the info a week before the shoot. 

I think I checked out, but I didn't receive an email confirmation

If you entered your email address correctly but have high spam filters on, the confirmation occasionally goes to a spam / junk folder.  Also, some Paypal accounts have wait periods associated with their accounts, which means you will get a confirmation as soon as the payment goes through (sometimes up to 3 days). If you still don't receive a confirmation of your order, then you will have a confirmation of payment from Paypal.  Feel free to forward us this confirmation and we will make sure we have the correct email address on file for you. 

What is included in the Session fee? *changed since previous sessions

Along with your studio-portrait session with our professional photographers, we will create a private online gallery of final image selections just for you. These images are edited for color, contrast and cropping. We may even do a little light retouching to achieve our signature look. Also included are all the high-res digital downloads from your session, no additional purchase necessary!

What's this whole "max two kids per session" thing?

Due to the design of our sessions, we have a maximum of two kids per session in order to give you the highest quality images possible. With two kids, we try for individual portraits in addition to portraits of them together. If you have more than two kids, we recommend booking two back-to-back sessions. If you do this, we will be able to photograph up to 4 kids and you will receive twice the amount of images.

What products do you offer?

We love seeing images in print! From your gallery, you will be able to order professional prints in all types of sizes. We will also offer print packages that includes multiple prints at more affordable prices. And coming soon: custom framing. 

Can parents be in the photos?

For the moment, Lovechild is all about the kids! They're just too cute.

What should my kids wear?

We love kid fashion, especially modern looks with mostly neutral colors. We would love to have you take a look at our Pinterest profile, where we have made style boards for clothing inspiration.

Can I bring an outfit change? *changed since previous sessions

In order to best use the time during the session, we allow outfit changes for single kiddos only.  If you want, you can change them right there during the session. For sessions with two kids, we will no longer be doing outfit changes, as we want to use that time to get photos of the siblings together. 

One kiddo = Up to one outfit change

Two kiddos = No outfit changes. 

If you absolutely want multiple outfit changes, we recommend booking two sessions, back to back. 

What should we bring to our session?

In addition to those cute kids of yours, please bring your confirmation / receipt and a favorite item of the moment - It could be a toy, a drawing or a handmade hat.  And if you have only one kiddo, feel free to bring an outfit change as well. Lastly, if your child has a favorite snack or activity please feel free to bring them too. 

When should I arrive?

Please arrive 5-10 minutes prior to your session. Your kids can have a little snack and get comfortable in the space. Please come shoot ready with your kiddos in the complete head-to-toe outfit you would like them to be photographed in as there is no longer a waiting period. We will start at the exact time of your session. 

Can I get there early? 

We have a new "closed set" policy. We want each session to be as fun and comfortable for everyone-- with as few distractions as possible. We prefer that you don't come any earlier than 5 to 10 minutes to provide a quiet, distraction-free session for the family before you.  So, if you come more than 10 minutes before your session, we will ask you to wait outside or nearby. Thanks for your understanding and cooperation! 

What if my kid is ____________(unhappy, shy, not feeling it) that day?

We love kids doing what they do best: being themselves. This may mean tears, yawns, laughter, pouts: it's all part of being a kid and we love capturing it. Usually, we are able to capture a variety of emotions throughout the session.  However, if you know your child tends to get cranky for a nap, for example, please schedule your session accordingly. And since we act fast, that 20 minute session surprisingly does have a bit of wiggle room to wait out a little shyness, etc. Our photographers love kids and will do anything possible to get great shots. 

Can you guarantee how many images I will receive? 

Here's the honest truth: We love kids. And we're good at photographing them while allowing their personalities to shine. We engage them, play with them - we're pretty patient too and have all sorts of fun tricks. HOWEVER, we are only human. If your child is upset or simply won't step foot on our set without you, we can only do our best. Trust us, we will pull out EVERY trick in the book and do everything we possibly can, but there is always a chance that your little one will just not be able to be photographed that day. We don't say this to scare you, it RARELY happens (and is usually when the child has traveled very far that day to be there or is sick), but we believe part of our job is to manage expectations too. We give as many final images as we can! This amount can range from 5 to 40, depending on many factors.  If you are concerned, please read the "tips on prepping" Q/A for more information. 

How can I prepare my kiddo for the session? We want the best photos possible!

We highly recommend scheduling your session when your kiddo tends to be happiest. This may be after a nap, or after a snack, first thing in the morning, later in the day-- you know this best. We HIGHLY recommend keeping your child's temperament in mind for the shoot. We advise against a long car ride right or flight right before the shoot. We recommend not skipping naps right before your shoot. If your child is particularly attached at the moment or afraid to be around new people, we may even suggest waiting until the next time we're in town to book your session. We also always recommend kids get a good night sleep before their session. 

If your kiddo is old enough, we suggest talking to them about the shoot beforehand. Letting them know that this is a special and fun experience. Build up the experience where your child is looking forward to the shoot and excited to be there. Maybe plan a fun activity after the shoot like going out for a treat or doing an activity your child loves. 

Lastly, if you have any special tricks that your kiddo is currently into, please bring them!

What if I need to change my session time or cancel?

Unfortunately, due to the limited space and the nature of our pop-ups, we can't change any session times or refund any session fees or give credit towards a future session.  However, you are more than welcome to offer your session to a friend. (We sometimes use the analogy to think of your session fee as a concert ticket).We actually highly recommend having a friend "on call" to take your place if your child gets sick or for any other reason you would need to cancel. If you know in advance, please email us with your friend's name, email address and child's name. In the worst (last minute) case, just have them show the confirmation / receipt email to take your place.

Can I put my name on a wait list?

While we don't have a formal wait list for each event, you do have the ability to pre-register for your city. Those on the pre-register list are told first about upcoming sessions and any promotions.


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